Extra wide fabrics - They are much more than mere backings !

Mittwoch, 15. November 2017

As I have told you yesterday, the most popular prints from my collection PAPER are now available in  the 108"- extra wide size!

The range of wide backing fabrics is pretty small compared to 44" wides. Because of that, I'm so happy that Moda has decided to extend their range with these modern and sophisticated prints. 

Of course -  extra wide fabrics have the perfect size for the backing of king-size or other bed quilts. 

The quilt gets a cleaner look (no seams anymore, yeah!!) and you save time, because you don't have to piece the backing!

There are also some other projects, that need extra large fabrics due to their size and width.

Design your bathroom with noble and modern elements!

Have you ever looked up for stylish and modern shower curtains? If you haven't done it yet - be happy. 
In most cases you can choose between single colored white ones, maritime patterns - or my favorite: digital prints with fishes!

In my opinion every bathroom should look like a little wellness spa, which gives you a feel-good atmosphere in the morning.

A shower curtain with a sophisticated and modern surface - a new and pleasant atmosphere is a great way to start your day. 

Popular in Europe - sheets!

It's always a challenge to find beautiful sheets, that fit to your color scheme and your interior style. Colors, prints, size - there are so many details, which are determined in finished sheets from a shop.

So, why don't you sew your perfect bed sheets by yourself?

The new extra wide PAPER prints have a special surface finish. The fabric has a beautiful flowing drape and a silky look - perfect for sheets with a noble appearance, aren't they?

Do you also have inspirations, how you can use these beautiful and sophisticated fabrics?

Please, share your ideas with us below this post or on Instagram. I'm excited to read them!


Who are the lucky WINNERS from my last GIVEWAY?

Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

We have three lucky winners: 



I'm excited to see, what you are going to create with your new Jolly Bars!
And to all participants: I read every single post. You are so inspiring - there were so many great ideas! I enjoyed the last days, it was really fun. 


2 modern geometric pillow cases - a DIY project

Dienstag, 7. November 2017

Winter is coming and you love nothing better than to spend your time in your cozy home? I'm totally with you!
So, what about a new project, that will give your favorite places a new and fresh, but also a comfy style?

I've created a new project pattern called GEOMETRIC PILLOWS. 

They are going well with couches and armchairs, what are you thinking?

The combination of minimalistic graphic prints in a Scandinavian color scheme and the geometric design of the pillows will breath life into your cozy interior design and freshen up the atmosphere. You see: my modern collection FRAGILE goes well with a cozy and winter's mood without creating a cold atmosphere due to the clean style.

The cases have a size of 16"x16", which is perfect for tiny couch-pillows.

The pattern is featured in the MODERN PATCHWORK magazine. 

Modern Patchwork has published the exact step-by-step instructions. They are easily to understand through detailed illustrations. You won't have any problems when you are cutting the single stripes in the right shapes - I promise!

You wonder, how to sew basic envelope backs for pillows?

MODERN PATCHWORK magazine will explain in this issue also two different, but easy ways how to create a pillow back with or without a binding! 

So if you love modern patterns, like to have a guide, which takes you by the hand, and are interested in learn new techniques - check your local magazine retailer or follow the link to visit MODERN PATCHWORKS's website. 

Enjoy reading, 



Get the exclusive precut - It’s Jolly Bar time!

Montag, 6. November 2017

Have you ever heard from Jolly Bars? 

They are an exclusive precut – invention from Fatquartershop!

Every Jolly Bar includes 42 5“ x 10“ identical cuts. 

The FATQUARTERSHOP offers you a variety of different collections. True Blue, Luster and also my new baby Fragile - all of these beauties are a part of FATQUARTERSHOP'S special precut selection!

And the best of all: 

These Jolly Bar Precuts include a free pattern to make a 62,5“ x 62,5“ quilt!

You also can use that beauties with other gorgeous patterns!

Do you rememeber TWISTED GEESE?

It’s a perfect example for a modern and exciting quilt pattern, which goes well with this smart precut invention! A Jolly Bar includes exactly the set of the main fabrics.

This means that you can save fabric (and also money – YEY!)  So, a Jolly Bar is a great option, if you don’t need all fabrics of a Layer Cake!

I’m so happy that the FATQUARTERSHOP sponsored this giveaway with three of these special precuts!

Everyone has the chance to win one of three Jolly Bars with my new collection FRAGILE!

All you have to do is:

- Follow me on Instagram (@zenchicmoda)

- Follow Fatquartershop on Instagram (@fatquartershop)

- and share your idea for a Jolly Bar Quilt in a comment below my Instagram Post

Good luck,

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